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Arnitta is a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in Clinical Psychology and works with clients to diagnose and treat psychological and emotional distress. Experiencing distress does not always warrant a diagnosis. Arnitta is skilled in helping clients recognize the point of struggle, and breakthrough to their transformation point.


Coaching and consulting is designed for those who are not seeking to process personal distress, but are looking for help to plan and execute their next strategic shift. As a Mental Health Professional & Educator, Arnitta works with executives, pastors and ministry leaders, as well as other leaders who seek professional advice on topics such as team dynamics, programming, and psychological safety.


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker?  Arnitta has over two decades of public speaking experience. She is a knowledgable, engaged, captivating, humorous, and motivating speaker. If you are in need of a keynote speaker, panelist, or workshop facilitator, you have come to the perfect place. She has appeared on tv, radio, and various podcasts, as well as at conferences and other events.


Hi, I’m Arnitta and I work with people who struggle to breakthrough their current circumstances and desperately want to see transformation in their lives and overall mental well-being.

I give you the tools to emotionally declutter, while getting clarity on the steps needed to make the next shift in your life. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. I’ve taught psychology courses at several colleges and universities, most recently at Marquette University and Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC).  When I’m not speaking, counseling, coaching, or educating, I can be found reading a good book, enjoying a live band, or dancing to my favorite tunes.


Knowledgeable, Articulate, Professional and Compassionate are all words that describe Arnitta Holliman. Her upbeat personality and humor have a way of making her presentations come to life.  Arnitta is relatable, well versed in many topics, intelligent yet able to connect with people from various socioeconomic backgrounds. She’s not afraid to have difficult conversations and ask tough questions.

Arnitta is a woman of faith and loves life. Her personal testimony of victory and triumph will amaze you and her knowledge will engage you. If you’ve been searching for a licensed clinical professional to keynote your next event or looking for private one-on-one services, your search is over.

Johonna Duckworth

Life Coach & Image Consultant, Life Styled

I have been honored to have Arnitta as a presenter at an annual conference that I organize. It was a pleasure to watch her engage and connect with the audience regarding her topic of mental health. After the conference, I received positive feedback about how the information that she presented was impactful and engaging. I am even more proud to say that well after the conference, some of my colleagues were still sharing some of the lessons that she shared.

As a facilitator of conferences, it is important that presenters are able to reach, empower and equip the attendees to live their best lives, I am glad to say that Arnitta does just that.

Celeste Cuffie

CEO/President, Life Empowered Consulting Services

Arnitta is wonderfully articulate and overwhelmingly insightful. I have had the distinct pleasure of being able to experience her teaching in many facets. As a speaker she pulls you in to her dialogue in such a way that it feels that you are the only two in the room.

Few speakers possess the ability to connect with so many people at once. There is a quality of empathy in her presentation that really resonates and whether she is lecturing, teaching or giving the keynote address, the listener can breathe a sigh of contentment as she is one that really “gets it” and they know that they are not alone.

J. McNeal

Assistant Vice President, PNC Bank



Pastors and Leaders have an amazing opportunity to teach, train, and walk with others as they heal, increase, and grow in God. However, who is helping the leaders heal? Do you struggle finding the time or space to deal with the things that cause you pain? Do you lack the joy you once felt when you started in ministry?

This webinar will help you:

  • Better understand how “church hurt” happens
  • Recognize and gain insight into your pain points
  • Gain the tools to help you improve your spiritual and emotional well-being
Monday, May 14, 2018 | 6:30-8:30 CST | Cost: $149  (Replay $249)


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